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Greg, Sarah, Abby & Caleb Owens

Transforming Cape Town through strategic church planting

The rapid rate of urbanization in South Africa is offering unprecedented opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus to those that live in or are moving to major cities.

Our family serves as missionaries in Cape Town, South Africa. Our passion is to plant influential, life-giving and diversely unified churches that provide access to Jesus Christ.

We are a part of the Urban Tribes initiative to plant influential churches in every major city on the continent of Africa.

Invest in Missions

Missions is a partnership between those who go to the field and those that send. Your prayers are the greatest investment you can make. We are also in need of people to partner with us in financial support. Please prayerfully consider supporting our family on a monthly basis or through a one-time donation. We are in this together.

Book An Event

Whether it’s a church service, small group or a ‘Muffins with Missionaries’ get together with your friends and family, we would love to share about our heart for missions and about the work we are doing in South Africa.